About Us

Change Architects are a team of strategic facilitators and evaluators. We design social projects, policies and programs that support communities and organisations to collabaoratively navigate and create social change.

We assist by:

  • Enhancing engagement to build respectful collaboration.
  • Facilitating impactful solutions through co-designing customised programs, policies and projects.
  • Developing workshops, training packages and resources that are ready for implementation.

We assist organisations to collaborate with community to work through challenging and complex problems to reach a shared understanding of the issues and map out solutions that have credibility, legitimacy and sustainability because they have been co-designed.

Our values are empathy and inclusion. We believe that a cohesive society is an inclusive society based on equity, understanding and empathy. Constant exposure, knowledge and proximity help us empathise with others by normalising their experiences, demystifying fear and building understanding. We believe proximity leads to empathy and empathy leads to inclusion and equity.