What Others Have to Say About Us

“There is always an exception to the rule and Zione is just that exception. At the 2015 ‘Skin Im in’ Gala Dinner Event, our theme was ‘community’ and Zione delivered a keynote address that was befitting of someone who was informed, compassionate and dignified. Well prepared and thorough in her narrative, Zione is an extremely articulate and intelligent public speaker who captivated
audience with ease and confidence”
— Debra Ojumu, Co-Founder and Director, Skin Im in Enterprises
“I have known Zione for over 6 years during which I have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of community projects and initiatives. Zione is one of the few people I can describe as exceptional.
I have seen her handle situations and issues that would confound the best of us with
brilliance. Zione’s communication, people and leadership skills are outstanding; she can effectively work a room full of young minds to one of top corporates with grace and elegance. Her extensive experience in human rights issues and policy development at a range of client facing organisations including a major government organisation, provides her with unique insights on female leadership,
diversity, inclusion, thriving families and migrant communities and organisations.
— Fred Alale, Associate Director and Management Consultant, KPMG
“Zione is a gifted public speaker and facilitator. She has the unique skill and ability to draw honesty and vulnerability from a group while also helping them shift their perspective. Zione is a natural who uses a demonstarted strengths based approach to work with people across all sectors and walks of life. Working closely with Zione in professional development programs has been some of the most rewarding times in my professional career. Zione is open and inclusive in her work style which naturally draws out the best in those working with her.
I have found that I have grown immensely
professionally and personally through working with Zione on various projects.
— Abigail Sullivan, Lawyer, Co-facilitator and Program Designer
“Zione is an outstanding lawyer and facilitator with broad experience within the community and state government sectors. She brings a holistic approach to her engagement with the community and has
contributed significantly to law reform, female leadership, diversity and inclusion programs.”
— Juliet Akello, Lawyer and Program Participant