Change Architects.

Co-designing change programs for communities and organisations to create social inclusion.

We bring community voices and experience to the centre of policy and program design.

We are a culture change organisation working at the intersection of organisations and communities. We assist organisations and communities to collaborate and work through complex challenges to reach a shared understanding of the issues to map out solutions that have credibility, legitimacy and sustainability.

We bridge the gap between service providers in the private and public sectors and diverse communities. We do this by co- designing and evaluating programs that centre the experience of marginalised groups to recalibrate power imbalances in communities. We conduct bespoke needs analysis; facilitate and broker stakeholder engagement while continuously learning, innovating and adapting our approaches.  

We use a human rights framework, participatory methods and an intersectional lens to support and build equity, inclusion and enhanced service delivery as a fundamental outcome for community and organisations.  

Our team brings lived experience and their professional expertise as facilitators and evaluators.   We work with a range of associates, subject matter experts, academics and key community stakeholders with complementary skill sets and experiences to amplify the impact of our work on various projects.



What We Do

We develop interactive tailored workshops tailored with your input at every stage in the process.

For groups who also want to build their capacity and maintain sustainability, we develop train the trainer programs and packages so that your team is empowered to continue the delivery of the program with additional expertise provided by us where required.

We use participatory methods to engage, consult, co-design, co-implement, evaluate, capacity build and learn.  We support people and organisations to design collaborative projects over days, weeks, months or years.

We create enabling environments for people stuck in complex challenges to construct new realities by co-designing a shared vision, processes, activities and desired outcomes to effect systemic change.

Report Writing                             & EVALUATION

  • Research and Reports
  • Policy Analysis and Development
  • Advocacy Submissions
  • Evaluation frameworks; program logic and theory of change 
  • Evaluation reports

Workshops, Training                  & Program Design

  •  ½ day or 1 day workshops, long term programs
  • Bespoke programs
  • Resource development (tools and materials)
  • Train the trainer programs
  • Engagement Planning (including stakeholder mapping)
  • Participatory program design


  •  ½ day or 1 day facilitated workshop to develop your: values, vision, mission, outcomes and action plans
  • Bespoke capacity building workshops



  • Guest speaking
  • Keynote speaking
  • Panel speaking
  • Schools; High schools and Tertiary Institutions


We have a range of programs for various demographics and we also develop and customise bespoke programs for your group, school, community or workplace.  Below are a range of our programs.  Contact us at to discuss any additional needs and we can design a program to suit you and your team. 



A listening circle designed to have conversations on difficult topics with empathy and respect.  Ideal for schools, smaller groups or teams, communities and organisations.



An interactive program to facilitate the creation of a shared vision amongst or between often disparate groups.  It includes a strategic action map to visually articulate and navigate from problem to solution.  This program is ideal for all groups, particularly Not for Profits and government departments wanting to collaboratively co-design a program, policy or project to problem solve with community.

Youth selfie


A fun program designed specifically for young people interested in initiating and navigating change; particularly useful for high school students and youth groups. 




Workshop and Resources. 

1/2 day, full day or extended program.



Workshops, Resources and Report (including demographic breakdown and feedback summary).



Workshop, Resources, Report and Evaluation (including program logic to assist with future grant funding and program sustainability).

1/2 day, full day or extended program.